The 44th ACS Central Regional Meeting

Silicon Science and Technology Symposium

Once thought to bridge the gap between organic and inorganic chemistry, silicon has now gone well beyond the originally simplistic perceptions. It undergoes its own ‘organic’ chemistry (e.g. hydrosilylation) and can be converted into solid materials that are soft, metallic, semiconducting, ceramic or inert particulate fillers. Silicon-containing chemicals and materials have become an indispensable part of our lives and our civilization.


2013 marks two important anniversaries for the silicon science community: the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Si-C bond by Friedel and Crafts in 1863 and the 70th anniversary of Dow Corning Corporation. CERM 2013 will host a day-long symposium on silicon science and technology on Thursday, May 16. The symposium will feature 10 invited talks on topics spanning from soft materials to Si-based electronics. Industrial speakers will also discuss applications of a variety of Si-containing chemicals in the real world.


Final Program 

8:00–8:45 am Tobin Marks, Northwestern University

8:45–9:30 am George Nolas, The University of South Florida

9:45–10:30 am Biana Godin, Methodist Hospital Research Institute

10:30–11:15 am Don Liles, Dow Corning Corporation

11:15 am–12:00 pm Lawrence Carbary, Dow Corning Corporation

1:30–2:15 pm Yonggang Huang, Northwestern University

2:15–3:00 pm Beth Schubert, Procter & Gamble

3:15–4:00 pm Jim Falender, Central Michigan University

4:00–4:45 pm Mark Loboda, Dow Corning Corporation

4:45–5:30 pm Junbing Yang, Argonne National Laboratory


The symposium will present reviews of the past, present, and future trends in silicon science and will benefit those in chemistry, physics, materials science, and science education.


The symposium is sponsored by Dow Corning Corporation.